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To remain competitive and relevant, organisations must keep up with the constantly changing digital marketplace.

We reduce the friction to your organisation getting the greatest value out of its technology and resource investments. This means no templated solutions, locked retainers & drawn out engagement periods… We believe you shouldn’t have to pay until you know what results your investment will generate.

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Our experts collaborate with your team to provide nuanced insights which lead to meaningful operational and financial solutions.

Is your business currently receiving the best technology rates and services available in the market?

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Reinventing the wheel is the least efficient way to move forward.

We offer various levels of consultancy and project management services can be provided to assist you with design and management of your network. Various levels of consultancy and project management services can be provided to assist you with design and management of your network.

  • Systems & Microservices Architecture
  • Local and Offshore Development
  • Implementation of Project management Philosophies and Agile processes
  • Internal Company workflow systems
  • Development efficiency tooling
  • Global data and privacy compliance

Operational Costs and Capital Investment don’t have to hinder transformation.

Organisations often suffer from a disconnect between IT and the business, a relationship that is critical to any business transformation. Managing the cost of digitising your organisations value creation processes can be the biggest inhibitor to successfully transforming your business to a digital one.

Our team represents decades of experience guiding global technology, finance and media businesses to transformative success. Our audit to provide a health picture of the revenue and expenditure.

Our experts can help your team build and optimise:

  • Digital team cost/value analysis
  • New Revenue Stream identification
  • Industry specific Analytics and Statistics Review
  • Cloud service migration strategy
  • Data Infrastructure management
  • Ad Tech Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security

Identify the best providers in the market for your specific needs.

All organisations have unique needs when it comes to technology, but it can often be hard to get a clear picture of market rates when everyone wants your business. When it comes to our providers, we don’t choose favourites. We offer impartial and independent comparison and our results are always ranked by price.

We identify your current and future technical provider requirements and analyse the most efficient provider to service these needs. We will provide the “apples for apples” comparison that will enable you to disseminate the offerings in the market and identify how these will impact your business. We evaluate new products and services and their associated costs and if they are right for your business, we advise you.

Be armed with the right information to make the best decisions.

It’s important to make accurate predictions about where your business is heading so your investment in technology services reflects the value you get from them. We offer various analysis services and reporting formats that can be utilised to assist in managing your technology infrastructure and its on-going usage costs.

Example reports include:

  • Usage reports
  • Trend reports
  • Other report types
How we work

Our process has driven success for our clients.

It’s our job to continuously monitor technology trends and keep you informed about current market conditions. Whether they’re right or wrong for your business, we advise you.  As your partner, we assign an account manager to ensure that we meet your needs, both today and in the future.


We complete an initial high-level review of the areas of your business you wish to optimise, 100% free of charge.


Identify opportunities to streamline operational and financial duplication, such as two tools that achieve the same outcome.


Our industry relationships put us in the best place to renegotiate your provider contracts on your behalf based on our findings.


Manage governance processes to coordinate internal and external stakeholders with third-party providers while keeping executives informed.


Provide ongoing and transparent status reporting of the operation and financial changes that occur within the target areas of your business.


Collaborating with your internal teams, we will establish review cycles to ensure we stay ahead of the continually evolving technology landscape.

What We Deliver

The right tools to make the right decisions

Our initial investigation will arm your organisation with the tools you need to make the right decisions for the future. This analysis is driven by your needs but can include:

  • Potential supplier savings opportunities
  • Potential alternative supplier options
  • Report on potential operational efficiencies
  • Report on headcount market bench-marking (Rates and Structure)
  • Any new incremental revenue streams identified

We deliver the same level of expertise and effort to any of our clients regardless of size, as we believe no organisation should be disadvantaged by lack of knowledge of the current market opportunities that exist to reduce costs. With this report, the ball is in your court.

What We Charge
How We Charge

Pay nothing until you are ready to move from analysis to action

Our initial review is free of charge and completely risk free for all SME’s from Finance to Engineering and Commercial Operations. Once you receive our initial investigation, we can discuss how you wish to action the opportunities outlined.

  • If we identify potential once off or ongoing cost savings, we can renegotiate the contracts on your behalf, receiving an agreed percentage on actual refunds or proven reduction in costs.
  • If your objectives require a longer term engagement, we can establish a capped percent of your total budget for ongoing expert services.
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Approach your digital future in good company

Innovation continues to be both an opportunity and a threat as organisations have to navigate the operational and capital cost of transforming for the long-term. Through specialised relationships, we help connect you with global infrastructure and media businesses, telcos, data and ratings agencies which help reduce the pressures of the changing digital landscape.

Meet your future partners

Our team’s unique expertise in corporate transformation allows us to provide accurate, independent technology analysis services that are considered the benchmark for industry standards.

Darren Kerry

CEO & Founder

Over 20 years’ experience in business transformation spanning start-up and multinationals from a wide range of industries including Telco, OTT, E-commerce and broadcast media.

Will Hedberg

Financial Analyst

With extensive change management experience, Will has a track record delivering sustained growth with well-thought and reasoned commercial strategies for businesses or all sizes.

Ben Tweedie

Product & User Experience Specialist

Ben has 14 years experience learning about businesses and delivering meaningful digital experiences that meet the ever changing needs of users.

Karim Yousfi

IT & Operations Specialist

Karim has 20 years of IT experience behind him enabling him to translate clients’ business needs into clear technical requirements for the development team.

Luke Lewandowski

Technology Operations Specialist

Luke solves complex business challenges with operations and technology solutions, specialising in digital transformation and it’s adoption by businesses.

Jason Chen

Cloud Infrastructure & Systems Specialist

Jason’s specialised experience as a cloud infrastructure expert and AWS certified architect has seen him working with leading digital businesses to build exceptional bespoke solutions.

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We deliver the same level of expertise and effort to any of our clients regardless of size, as we believe no organisation should be disadvantaged by lack of knowledge of the current market opportunities that exist to reduce costs.


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CEO & Lead Consultant
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